2012 Northland Field Days To Make Everything Even Closer

Northland Field Days Layout

It will be even easier to find the things that you want at the Northland Field Days on March 1 -3 thanks to a massive redesign says Northland Field Days president Lew Duggan.

While wide corridors, well-marked lanes and strategically-placed maps have always made it easy for people to get from one feature to another Mr Duggan said the layout had been redesigned to make sure that amenities were even more accessible than previous years.

“This year people should only be 20 meters away from food at any given time,” said Mr Duggan.

The sites had also been grouped in interest-based sections to ensure that people didn’t have to walk too far between the sites that interested them.

According to Mr Duggan this change was made because the site was so large and the sites were so varied that people often weren’t able to take in everything they wanted to even after coming to the event on multiple days.

“This year you will be able to walk less and see four times as much,” said Mr Duggan. “And this is more important than ever thanks to all the events and competitions that have been scheduled for the event.”

Held on March 1 – 3 in Dargaville Northland Field Days is arguably the largest regional agricultural event in New Zealand.

For a map of the site, to book your ticket or to learn more about the Northland Field Days go to the website http://www.northlandfielddays.co.nz

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