ODDJOB PR At Northland Field Days (Part 1)

What a week it was last week.

A record 25000 people attended the field days despite a looming weather bomb and there was plenty to see and do.


I spent three days wandering around the field days and met lots of great people, most of whom I took pictures of.

I have uploaded every single picture to my Google Plus account, if you had your picture taken and you’d like access to it you can get it from my Thursday March 1 album, Friday March 2 album or Saturday March 3 album.

I hope you had a good time and I’d love to hear back what you thought of the field days or what you think of the photos.

Just email me at gareth [at] oddjobpr [dot] com or leave a comment under the post and I will be sure to respond.

And be sure to check out Farmers Optimistic about net 3 years: Survey to see the results from a survey conducted at the field days.

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