Ticking the right boxes – 3 reasons why email is just as important as website

So, you’ve bought a domain name for your business and have built (or had someone else build) a slick website to advertise your business.

But if you’re still using an email address for your business that ends in @hotmail, @xtra, @yahoo or any one of the many email/internet providers then you’re only half way towards having an effective online presence.

What follows are three reasons why it not only makes sense to have the same email address as your domain but also why you should set up a @yourbusiness.com email address this week if you already have a website.

Reason One: it helps your online reputation

No doubt you’ve heard of the practice of phishing. The practice of using an email address very similar to a reputable business’ to obtain people’s passwords, personal information and login details to bank accounts.

It was common for phishers a few years ago to use free accounts with variations on trusted user names (NZpaypal, westpacservice etc) to get their hands on people’s personal details.

They stopped doing this because it stopped working which begs the question how reputable do you think you will appear to be when you approach someone the first time with an email address like yourbusiness@hotmail.com?

Reason Two: it makes your business more flexibile

Internet service providers are a little like power companies or the people you get to clear the rubbish.

You sometimes find the need to jump to a different service provider.

But unlike power companies or most other contractors you have made your ISPs a public part of your business by using their email service as your business email.

What this means is that if your internet provider dramatically increases their charges the ‘costs’ of changing providers if you have got your email address with them. You need to send out an email to customers informing them of your change of address and hope that they act on it.

With an @yourbusiness.com email you can shift internet service providers as many times as you want and your customers will never be any wiser.

Reason Three: you can use different email addresses for different purposes

There are different parts to any business.

For example, if you have a car dealership you might service cars, sell used cars, sell new cars and sell car parts.

The person getting in contact with you about a car part is going to have very different needs to the person that wants a new car. They might even need to communicate with different people in your company.

With an @yourcompany.com address you will be able to separate these forms of communication into separate lines to make sure customers get their needs met faster with less confusion.

So, as you can see an @yourbusiness.com email provides you with a better reputation online, more flexibility and better customer management tools.

And the best part of it all is that if you have already set up your site then setting up an email is free quick and easy.

Check out this blog tomorrow because I will be walking you through what you need to do to get your very own email address.

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